You make the call…

Vincent Laforet (One of my favorite photogs/got me into the HDDSLR revolution) did this for a fly over of NYC he did at the beginning of the month in association with Gizmodo.  It’s an awesome concept, and one that I have to copy because I don’t know what I really like.  I think I do, but I’d like the comments from you, the readers of this blog.

Which I have to take a moment to thank you for coming to and reading my blurbs and hopefully watching the occasional Vimeo video that gets linked.  So thank you!!!  🙂

Back to my dilemma though…

I’m submitting some photos into a gallery for emerging artists under 30 in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Here is the Facebook link.  I’m having trouble with this series of black and white protest photos, if I want to add a vignette to them or not.  I mean not all of them call for it, but I think this one may.

Boston Anarchist Vignette

This is the photo with the photo with the vignette around it.  Let me know if it is just right.  Too strong.  What you think.  I want to know what’s on your mind about this photo.

Boston Anarchist No Vignette

And here is the photo without the vignette.  Anything you don’t like about this compared to the one with the vignette, or vis versa?  Do you like the slight grain that has been added, or should that be removed?  Again please let me know.

Anyone can comment here.  I really would appreciate it, it would help me a lot.  This is one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken, so you’re help would be great!

Thank you, and I look forward to what comes my way!!!

You can e-mail me too at

5 Responses to “You make the call…”
  1. Keith ONeil says:

    I like the vignette better. The shadow on the 2 sign sets the tone for the photo and gives it more character.

    • Thanks for the comment, Keith! I really appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the blog! Now if you wouldn’t mind, get your friends, co-workers, family, whoever, to comment too!! This is going to be a big piece I want to use, so I want to make sure it stands out.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting,


  2. LA says:

    Vignette, for sure.

    Also, Keith^ sent me.

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